About me

Hi! My name is Kate emoji-high_heel. I’m a full-stack web developer and freelancer emoji-computer.

Although I specialize in Dashboards and Admin Panels building, I’d be happy to help to develop any web application or web site to make the life of my clients from around the world emoji-earth_americas easier.

I’m a self-taught developer. And I’m continue to learn constantly emoji-pencil.

Currently for the full-stack development I prefer to use:

emoji-small_blue_diamond JavaScript Stack:

  • Node.js / Express.js for backend
  • React.js for frontend


emoji-small_blue_diamond Java Stack :

Other tools and technologies, that I use, include:

  • Backend: Spring Framework (Data, Security, etc), Hibernate
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Frontend: HTML, (S)CSS, JavaScript
  • Version Control: GitHub, BitBucket
  • Maven, NPM, Webpack, Yarn, Redux

When not coding, you can find me playing the piano emoji-notes or the guitar emoji-guitar, listening to emoji-headphones Finish or Dutch metal, watching football (soccer) emoji-soccer, tennis or biathlon, reading a nice book emoji-orange_book, or just hanging out with my family emoji-thumbsup.